Technical details

The tissue paper production line consists of below four parts:

1. Waste paper boiler system

2. Paper pulp making system

3. Tissue paper making machine

4. Valves, pipelines, cables and electrical control cabinets

Working vido of our Small tissue paper production line recycling waste paper in Cameroon:

787 small tissue paper making machine


Technical parameters:

Raw material: waste paper, pure wood pulp

Output tissue: medium and high grade tissue paper

Width of tissue paper: 787mm

Width of net cage: 800mm

Output weight: 14-40g/m 2

Capacity: 1.0 T/D

Rail gauge: 1300mm

Drive way: speed reducer drive


Other available tissue paper making machine models: 1092, 1575, 1880,2160 models.  More than 400 meters per minute Crescent tissue paper production lines are also available from us.

For more information about Qingdao Perfect Equipment tissue paper making machine:

tissue paper making machine manufacturer


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