Technical details

1. Automatic paper tube replacement device, without artificial wearing paper tube, after the completion of rewinding automatically send finished, immediately reset rewinding within one minute can be adjusted to any kind of standard paper tube


2, Sent automatically after rewinding molding system that uses robotic arm pusher patented technology can successfully send the finished tissue log, the minimum diameter of the finished product launch 60mm;


3, Automatic trimming, gluing, sealing sync once completed, the device instead of the traditional waterline trimming to achieve foreign popular sticky tail trimming techniques, finished leaving the tail 10 ~ 18mm, easy to enable, to reduce the extra waste for tailing.


4, The use of advanced PLC programming technology, product realization process in rewinding loose multistage different tightness after the first tight resolve the finished result from long-term storage of loose paper core phenomenon


5, The paper monitoring system, the high speed real-time monitoring process of the paper to ensure normal operation of equipment


6, Coreless roll forming rewinding system, changing the past Pulling rewinding the traditional process, to achieve solid results, reduce labor costs and make the finished product more attractive


7, High-precision spiral soft knife and low noise knife punch, punch clearer, larger transmission range adjustment


8, Three horizontal back paper holder, paper on pneumatic, pneumatic wide belt feeder, are independent of each paper roll tension adjustment device


9, The use of paper back and forth to move the switch traction, easier and safer


Available models: 1092, 1575, 1880, 2160, 2800

Working video of our non stop toilet tissue paper rolls production line:

non stop toilet tissue paper rolls converting machine


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