Technical details

The machine is the professional production equipment for hairdressing neck circumference toilet roll. Neck circumference paper is a kind of waterproof paper, with very strong tensile force of 100% pure wood pulp paper, which can prevent the neck dip to cosmetics and other foreign objects during the hairdressing process. The machine adopts the flex graphic printing water borne adhesive, synchronous perforating principle, drying equipment, which the products are widely used in the hairdressing industry.

 1.Step less adjustment, each function can be operated independently;

 2.Manual core loading and replacing. The logs are automatically pushed out after finishing winding, and then start winding again.

 3.With high precision screwy perforation knife, makes a lower perforation noise and clearer perforating, larger adjusting scope of gear box.

 4.Horizontal back-stands, pneumatic jumbo roll loading, and pneumatically wide belt paper unwinding driving, and individual web tension control unit for each jumbo roll.

 5.The web can be threaded on the machine by the two jog buttons, it's more safety and easier to feed the web.

Tesing Working video of our Russia client neck paper making machine before shipment:

India Turkey Russia neck paper production machine


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