Technical details

Applicable raw tissue paper: 14-23 gsm wood pulp or mixture pulp tissue paper

CE certification tissue paper slitting rewinding machine for EU and America market

Europe client auto tissue paper slitting rewinding machine working video

Max raw tissue paper width: 2800mm

Raw tissue paper diameter: Max. φ 2000 mm

Core inner diameter: ¢76 .2mm;330mm

Raw paper stands 1-3 ply(customized), manually fix raw paper roll on stands and manual adjustment for left/right position.

Raw paper core plugged at both ends for firm position and accurate location.

Unwinding belts are scientific position, taper wheels can assure belts from deviation.

Buffer cylinder for unwinding belts up and down movements, stroke and pressure of cylinders abundant and reliable.

Manual adjustment for raw paper web tension.

Pneumatic raw paper roll loading function.

Finished rolls diameter: Max: φ1200m, Min φ200mm

Inner diameter of finished roll core: ¢76.2 mm

Min slitting width: 150 mm

Bottom slitting blades:  circle blade, upper blades are manually adjustable.

Neat cutting section with paper edge waste blowing device.

Inflatable shaft rewinding.

Frequency invert speed regulator; PLC control, English Language Display; Emergency stop device.

Power: 380V 50Hz 3phase 15kw  ( for reference only, depending on machine configuration)

Air pressure needed: 0.5 Mpa, (prepared by user)

Production speed: 0-350 meters/minute (raw paper quality may affect production speed)

Other width or speed tissue paper slitting rewinding machine can be customized


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