Technical details

Finished products diameter : 105±1mm (other sizes from 90-150mm can be ordered)

Horizontal cutting length : Changeable, Servo control, Tolerance ±1mm

Machine speed : 80-110 cuts/min

Lines of cutting : 1 lines

Operation speed : 80-110 cuts/min

Function model: Spiral rotating the round blade & Continued Paper Roll Marching

Driving control: Servo motor driving

Machine control : Durable PLC (MITSUBISHI)

Servo and frequency conversion speed control

Knife grinding : 1) Pneumatic grinding wheel, time can be controlled on panel. 2)Automatic knife grinding, sharpening

Blade: 1) Automatic oil the round blade  2) Safety shield to protect broken round-knife

Round blade outer diameter : 610 mm

Finished products specification:

Rolled core outer diameter: 90mm-150mm ;

Cutting length : 50mm-300mm

Left-over length :25mm-100mm

Paper dust suction : This system can suck the paper dust away.

Safety: Safety switch on the door, to pause the machine in emergency

Power : 380V 50Hz 3 Phase 10KW

Machine size (L*W*H ): About 1900 *1900* 1800 MM

Weight of equipment : About 1000KG


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