Technical details

Our manual die cutter machine with compact structure, small size, simple operation, easy to use, high efficiency, multi-function advantages. For business cards, stickers, etc. Saving time and labor, easy to operate.


1. The use of circular flattening technology, indentation die-cutting a clear multi-channel indentation die-cutting time to complete, for more demand.

2. Lengthen the paper support panel, you can larger paper.

3. All metal structure of thick wall panels, precision coarse spindle, not easy to deformation, life-long warranty.


Model: MQ 500

Max feeding sheet width: 500mm

The die cutting rollers space: 26-30mm

Suitable for : 80-500 gsm sheets

Working power: 220V

Weight: 200KG

Dimension: About 600*800*1100mm


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