Technical details

1) automatic control hot wind air input and output, automatically control the drying temperature, auto-alarm functions and equipped with automatic protection device.

2) High heat efficiency, up to 80-90%, warming up quickly, small covering area, easy to operate, more reliable and low cost.

3) Long life span, use good quality oven material, inner burning room using Cr50 alloy pipes, and fire-resistant temperature up to 1700 degree, and life span is more than 10 years.

4) Customize production is available, to design the hot air output exit as your needs, and produce the suitable capacity hot air furnace as your drying requirement.

5) Almost no pollution, and can chose match water filter to deal with the smoke.



1)Chicken, pig, cattle, sheep farms, plant greenhouses warm keeping.

2) building materials industry, wood drying, wood-based panels, laminates drying, gypsum board drying, glass fiber products drying.

3) agricultural products, feed and food processing baking coffee, tea, tobacco and vegetables, cereals, noodles, aquatic products, fish meal, soybean meal and other dry.

4)heating engineering industrial plants and civil building heating.

5)welding materials industry electrode, flux drying.

6) insulation materials, fiberglass industry, aluminum silicate fiber products, rare earth insulation, glass and steel products drying.


Main models: 50000Kcal/Hour, 100000 Kcal/Hour, 150000 Kcal/Hour, 200000 Kcal/Hour, 300000Kcal/Hour, 400000Kcal/Hour


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