Technical details

1.Core tube diameter:Φ25mm-Φ250mm,our standard is Φ76.2mm

2.Tube thickness: 0.5mm-10mm

3.Tube cutting length: max4000mm, the cutting length is controlled by photoelectric switch, cutting blade tracking cutting.

4.Motor power: invert motor 5.5KW; cutting motor 0.75KW

5.Control system: frequency adjust speed, multi-point synchronization control

6.Transmission: spiral bevel gear

7.Wheel gear size: Φ270mm

8.Cutting: automatic tracking blade

9.Belt method: being on the belt or counter on the belt. With 1*100mm belt

10.Gluing method: slotted gluing, the gluing pump automatically cycle gluing, glue on both sides.

11.With automatic flip storage rack

12.Paper feed holder: high strength steel, welded in whole,disk tape paper steering, each tape tension adjustment, to ensure uniform of the tension.(top configuration can chose automatic connector)

A. separate paper feed holder for bottom and facial paper, single face gluing.

B. Unilateral papering ( 17 layers),with 1 set glue tank

13.Total weight: About 3000kg

14.Overall size: 3200*2000*1800mm

4 Heads craft paper core tube winding making machine working video:

paper core tube making machine


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