Technical details

Embossing napkin tissue folding machine is the paper roll after slit cutting through embossing, automatically folded into a square or rectangular napkin machine, it uses electronic counting skip ensure the accuracy of the number of sheets , easy packing, using heat embossing roll thermostat device, even more clear embossing effect stereotypes can be configured  can fold 1/4,1/6 folding function and other specifications according to different needs .

Working video of our two colors printed napkin tissue folding machine:

High speed tissue paper napkin folding embossing machine

Raw tissue paper roll diameterφ800-φ1100mm
Finished product size  180×180-260×260mmcan be customized
Production capacity700sheets/min 
Main motor1.5kw speed motor
Bandsaw motor0.75kw 
Overall size2800×1400×1700
EmbossingSteel to steel
CountElectronic counting
Color printing1-2 colors are optional


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