Technical details

Facial tissue Unfolded Size :     210x(190-210)  

Finished Products Folded Size:   210x(95-105)  

Raw Material Size:             W: 2000mm; Diameter: Φ1500

Raw Material Core Diameter:  76.2mm    

Speed:                      100-120 meters/minute

Programmable controller:   PLC Programmable Controller

Slitting unit:              Pneumatic dot slitting

Driving system:           Timing belt driving system

Counting system:          Alternate stack by stack

Main Motor Power:           Frequency conversion speed regulator, 8.5 kw

Air pressure needed:      3 HP air compressor,mini 5kg/cm2 Pa(by client)

Vacuum suction unit:        Roots vacuum pump

Machine models: 4 lanes, 6 lanes, 8 lanes, 10 lanes are optional

Other sizes can be customized


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