Technical details

The machine is mainly made of paper stand frame, dyeing slot, dryer cylinder, paper reel and transmission parts. from paper stand frame drag jumbo roll tissue paper, first through the guide roller enter into the dyeing slog, through dyeing roller extruding, then come to the dryer cylinder drying (ZW-type wrinkle into the second dryer cylinder for drying. The finished color paper through slitting come to paper reel device, cutting reel into different sizes of color rolls.

The working video of our tissue paper wrinkling dyeing making machine:

Crepe paper making machine


1. Paper weight: 17-35g/m2

2. Jumbo roll paper width: ≤1050mm

3. Drying cylinder width:1450mm(remark:first dryer ¢1000mm,chrome plating of the dryer surface,second dryer ¢1500mm,)

4.Capacity: 1-2tons/day

5.Work speed: 45-60 meter/min

6. Dyeing method: double sides dyeing and wrinkling(dyeing groove is stainless steel material)

7. Heating: Steam, buyer prepare the boiler by themselves( Electric heating is optional)

8. Power: 380V 50Hz 3Phase 11.5KW


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