Technical details

* Feeding section

Using an independent front edge feed system, the up-down rubber roller press the cardboard, guarantee stable and accurate feeding; dust brush and vacuum fan can remove dust on the surface of the cardboard.

* Printing section

Ink conveying system: anilox roller finishing coining, dynamic balance correction, hard chrome plated, rubber roller finishing fine grinding, dynamic balance correction also, make the ink transferring more good and the printing graphic more clear; Printing unit is equipped with pre-pressing device, this means cardboard after pre-press is not easy to break, and more good press line effect, is conducive to carton boxes gluing production and following up processing.

* Slotting section

Single-pole double blades slotting, box height adjustment use PLC and touch screen control; Indentation gap and blade shaft clearance with self-locking mechanism; Slotting blades holder and pressing wheel movement adopt synchronous electric automatic adjustment.

* Die cutting section

Die cutting roller phase adopts PLC and touch screen control; rubber roller and die cutting roller distance adopt self-locking mechanism; With excellent fore rubber correction device, repairing the rubber repeatedly.

* Electrical control

The use of China famous brands "Zheng Tai", "Shanghai People", stable and durable.

Bearing use China's three major brands, "Harbin" "Wafangdian" "Luoyang" high precision and long life.

The working video of our high speed corrugated box printing slotting die cutting machine:

CE automatic corrugated cardboard box printing die cutting machine

Design speedPCS/Min150120100
Working speedPCS/Min10010080
Max cardboardmm950*(2000-2700)1300*(2200-3200)1800*(2200-3400)
Min cardboardmm260*500350*800550*800
Min slot spacemm140*140*140*140150*150*150*150200*200*200*200
Max slot depthmm240300350
Max printingmm950*(1800-2500)1300*(2000-3000)1800*(2000-3200)
Plate thicknessmm666
Suitable for 3,5, 7 ply corrugated carton box

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