Technical details

The automatic carton box folding gluing machine consists of three parts which is cardboard feeding unit, folding gluing unit and counting piling unit. You can adjust the speed by digital, micro-adjust the phase by computer with simple quick reliable and precise controlling style. The max speed can reach to150 meter/min. It is high efficiency, power and labor saving, which will increase your production capacity greatly, it is a good choice for carton box manufacturers.

Max Cardboard1250mm*2400mm1250mm*2600mm
Min Cardboard300mm*800mm300mm*800mm
Max Speed100-150 m/min100-150 m/min
Installation areaAbout 2800mm*15500mm3000mm*15500mm
Power Required380V/50Hz/3Phase/ 11.5kw380V/50Hz/3Phase /12.5kw
WeightAbout 5500KGAbout 6000KG
Electric partsInternational famous brands like Siemens
Cylinder solenoid valveAirTAC, Tai wan brand


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