How to make egg holder tray coffee cup holder trays by recycling waste paper old carton boxes ?

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Many investors or chicken farm owners want to know how to produce egg trays and how waste paper boxes become pulp packaging trays. The following process details the process of recycling waste paper into egg trays.

1: Waste paper pulping, put raw waste paper scraps, old cartons, newspapers, etc. into the pulping machine, add water and other raw materials to make pulp, and process the waste paper raw materials into pulp of appropriate concentration through a pulp processing system such as a refiner vibrating screen. This process is quite for recycling waste paper.


2: Egg tray forming. The uniformly mixed pulp is transported to the pulp forming machine through the pulp pump and the pulp supply pipeline. With the assistance of the egg tray mold and the vacuum pump, the vacuum adsorption is carried out to realize the production of the egg tray. Egg tray molding machine is referred to egg tray machine. Different types of egg trays can be produced through different molds of the host, and industrial packaging such as apple trays, wine trays, and seedling trays can also be produced by changing molds. When done, you have the basic shape of the egg carton, but they are still wet and need further production processing.


3: Drying of egg tray. Long, solid hot air in the brick drying oven or metal drying oven ensures that the carton is dry in a short time. The newly formed wet egg trays are sent to a long drying path, moving slowly on the conveyor belt, feeling the hot air from all directions to help them remove the moisture from their bodies, and the waste paper is officially processed into egg trays.


4: Packaging. This is the process of taking out, packing and pressing the newly produced egg trays. Easy to transport and handle. Dozens of egg cartons were sent to chicken farms, malls and supermarkets to realize their rebirth value.


5: Hot pressing. Some specific pulp packaging trays require further hot pressing and trimming to make the final pulp tray products surface more smooth and free of burrs, which will require the hot pressing machine and hot press mold to process, such as coffee cup holder trays, egg box trays.

The working flow of automatic egg tray production line:

The brief Layout of Qingdao Perfect 7000 pieces per hour automatic egg tray making plant:

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