Africa client 1500 pieces per hour small egg tray making machine finished installation

Sep 01,2022 By

Aug 30th, 2022, one of our Africa client bought 1500 pieces per hour small egg tray making machine finished installation, and the machine is under normal production already. This model machine can drop 4 pieces egg trays per cycle, and it is very popular among our India Philippine Nigeria Cameroon Egypt Zambia Ethopia Egypt Vietnam clients.

Consists of the 1500 pieces per hour small home business egg tray making machine

Egg tray molding machine, egg tray forming moulds, vacuum pump system, air compressor and waste paper recycling pulping machine.

Usage of the small egg tray making machine:

Use waste paper, old carton box to produce paper pulp packing trays, you can also use it to produce different paper trays like paper shoe tree, egg trays, coffee cup holder trays, wind bottel packing trays by changing molds.

Working theory of PFK F1500 small egg tray making machine:

Feed the cleaned raw waste paper and old cardboards into the hydrapulper to recycle into paper pulp, then the pulp will be supplied to the paper pulp moulding machine by the pulp pumps, and forming machine will do vacuum absorption to form egg tray under the vacuum tank and air compressor’s assistance. After drying, to manufacture the finished paper trays by using reforming machine to cut the edges, then do packing, the whole production will be finished.(only for egg carton ,shoe tree or similar trays need reforming, egg tray does not need) (The natural wind drying frames and pallets should be prepared by buyer)