Technical details

Output product:high grade tissue paper facial tissue paper

1.2 Designed working speed: 650 meters/minute

1.3 Working speed:500-600 meters per minute

1.4 Tissue paper weight:13.5-35GSM

1.5 Track gauge: 2800mm

1.6 Net tissue paper width: 1950mm

1.7 Production capacity per 24 hours: 22-25tons per day

1.8 Motor Power:


  Forming machine: 45KW

  Reeling dryer: 7.5KW

1.9 Driving method: AC variable frequency speed regulation drive

1.10 Outer dimension: 15775*6800*5600mm

1.11 Arrangement form: single layer

1.12: Total machine weight: about 65 tons (does not include steam boiler)


2. Production requirements

2.1 Raw material: wood pulp,waste paper, de-inked recycled pulp

2.2 Pulp inlet consistency: 0.15-0.25%

2.3 Dryness of yankee section: 35-38%

2.4 Dryness of wrinkling section:90-92%

2.5 Wrinkling rate: 18-25%

2.6 Finished paper moisture: 5-8%

2.7 Working hours per day: 22.5 hours

2.8 Applicative pulp beating degree: 25-45 SR

2.9 Horizontal shrinking percentage: 3-4%

2.10 Pulp into paper production rate: 96%

2.11 Finished product rate: 95%

2.12 Touch roll linear pressure: design pressure 120KN/M, and actual working pressure 80-100KN/M(Max)


3. Wires and Felt’s tension

3.1 Felt: design tension 6kn/m, working tension 3.5kn/m

3.2 Forming wires: design tension is 11kn/m, and working tension 7kn/m


4. Consumption requirements

4.1 Clear water, clarified water: pure, dust-free, odorless, colorless, sand removed

Pressure: 2Mpa, 0.7Mpa, 0.4Mpa

PH value: PH stock+-1

Temperature: T stock+-0-5 degree

Solid content: less than 60G/1000L

4.2 Power supply

Motor: 380VAC/50Hz/3Phase and 220VAC/50Hz/3Phase

Control voltage: 220VAC/50Hz 3Phase 24VDC

4.3 Compressed air

Requirement: filtered, grease clean, water removed, dry

Air pressure: 0.7-0.8Mpa

Working pressure: less than 0.6Mpa

Air temperature: 5-40 degree

4.4 Steam pressure

Steam pressure: no less than 0.7Mpa, dryer working pressure: 0.2-0.5Mpa

Steam temperature: 175 degree(max)

4.5 Vacuum degree of suction box: 0.024-0.05Mpa(Max)

4.6 Lubrication oil station

Oil filter precision: 20um

Oil temperature:30-50 degree

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