Technical details

5-7 T/D Gray craft paperboard production machine


1) Raw material: waste craft paper old boxes

2) Output product:  gray craft paperboard

3) Output paper weight: 300-600g/m2

4) Net paper width: 1150mm

5) Wire width: 1150mm

6) Capacity: 5-7 Tons/Day (24 hours)

7) Working speed: 25- 35m/min

8) Designing working speed: 50m/min

9) Rail gauge:1800mm

10) Drive way: Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive

11) Working electricity: 380V 50Hz 3Phases

2. Paperboard making section

1) Cylinder part: Ф1250mm×1450mm stainless steel cylinder 2 pcs, Ф350mm×1450mm couch roll 2 pcs, include return roll 1 pcs ,coated by rubber, rubber shore hardness 38℃±2.

2) Paper forming part: Ф500mm×1450mm cooling cylinder 1 pcs, with Ф400mm×1450mm touch roll 1 pcs , rubber shore hardness 92℃±2, pneumatic pressure device.

3) Net cage part: 2 rolls calenders 1 set.

4) Paper molding part: Ф500 x 1450 mm cold cylinder with Ф 400 x 1450 mm roller 1, rubber shore hardness 92 ℃ + 2, pneumatic pressure device.

5) Cardboard cutting machine: 2 sets.

Horizontal cutting machine 1 set and vertical cutting machine 1 set

6) Paper receiving workbench: 1set;

Material: steel plate welding; 1200 * 4000 mm

7) Paper board hot press machine: 1set

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