Technical details

Our BAQK series printing machine is one printing, cardboard slitting, rolling line, corner cutting, grooving and punching all-in-one machine, it is a combination of worker saving , energy saving equipment. With the diaphragm pumps, pneumatic locking, electric separation, nets roll up and down automatically, parking keep ink, electric phase adjustment, hang version, synchronous blade adjustment functions are used together. Enters of the cardboard equipped with chain driving feeder.


1-4 colors printing are option

Can combined with slotting or die cutting function

Diameter of printing roller: 488mm

Max cardboard sizes: 1920*1500mm

Min cardboard sizes: 550*450mm

Max printing size: 1720*1500mm

Printing roller diameter: 488mm

Min slotting space: 150mm

Max slotting length: 350mm

slotting width: 7mm

Working speed: 0-60 sheets/min

Suitable for: 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer cardboard (2-8mm)

Other printing sizes can be customized as buyer requirement

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