Technical details

PFK-120-9A paper angle board production line need lower investment, and have high working speed, it is glue saving, and can produce good quality L shape paper edge protection corner; The whole line includes the paper roll holding stands, gluing unit, paper edge corner forming machine, auto cutting unit.

 PLC control paper edge protection corner making machine working video

L type paper edge protection : 25-100mm

Thickness: 3-6mm

Cutting accuracy: +- 1 mm

Core paper size: 360-600 gsm corrugated paper or sand tube paper

Facing paper size: 175-250 gsm kraft

Max layer: 13 layers

Working speed: 0-40 meter/minute

Control system: Siemens PLC

Cutting length : 50-4000mm

Total power: 380V,50Hz, 3 Phase 13.5kw

Total weight: 4000kg

Operating : 2-3 people



1. Eight groups paper corner pressing rollers, pneumatic up and down

2. Delta AC servo motor control cutting, 4.5KW power; Drive motor: Siemens

3. Siemens PLC control, frequency conversion adjustment

4. Automatic gluing feeding unit, matched with pneumatic gluing pump

5. Omron electric switches, and coder

6. The rail is made from Taiwan, Shangyin brand

7. Main electric parts use Siemens Brand


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