Technical details

Model: 1600-2800mm

1 ) by standard industrial computer with a high-performance PLC consisting of upper and lower electrical control system , reliable and stable

2 ) wire cutter wheel arrangement using high precision linear guides and ball screw drive , move more smoothly , more accurate and reliable positioning

3 ) paper knife used in Taiwan tungsten steel , high speed steel blades ordinary life of more than four times

4 ) pressure line round -pressure design is reasonable, to overcome the conventional extrusion press line sub-machine split , crushed cardboard phenomenon

5 ) Cutting accuracy 0.5mm

6 ) the whole transverse electric adjustment device , adjust the amount of 90mm

7 ) eight-lane structure with five knives , pressure line agencies and institutions of paper were used frequency control, automatic tracking line speed

8 ) You can enter , store multiple orders, automatically switch to a different specification

9 ) orders automatically switching time 3-8 seconds

10 ) has a convex pressure pressure line agencies concave, convex Yaping , convex embossing three forms of electric interchangeable structures can be adapted to the needs of different linear and three , five cardboard

11 ) adopts timing belt adjustment paper knife and creasing wheel axial movement , moving smoothly

12 ) paper knife and creasing wheel in the form of linear guide bar up and down , reducing the impact of swing connections

13 ) with a computer compatible with automatic adjustment and manual adjustment of choice


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