Technical details

Automatic paper pulp fiber making machine producing fruit vegetable egg packing container trays

1. Consists of the auto paper pulp fiber trays making plant: pulping system recycling waste paper, auto paper pulp molding machine customized for fruit vegetable container trays, vacuum and air compressor system, multi-layer metal drying oven, burner, hot press machine and hot press mold

2. Required workshop for Auto paper pulp packing container trays production line: length≥45m, width≥15m, height≥4.5m, the finished products storage warehouse must be more than 200 square meters

3. Production line total installation power: About 245kw (real consumption power is about 80% of the installation power due to our energy saving design); 

Working power based on buyers local electricity: 380V/415V/440V 50-60Hz 3Phases

Water consumption is 450-500KGS/Hour

Waste paper consumption is 180-200KGS/Hour

Fuel Consumption of LPG or natural gas: 42-47 cube meters/hour 

4. Production line needed workers: 4-5 persons/shift, 2 shifts per day (11 hours per shift, buyer should design the shift as their own needs)

5. This production line is customized for paper fiber pulp fruit and vegetable packing container trays production, the molding machine template is enlarged, can make max 8cm depth mushroom or fruit packing container trays. it can be used to produce egg box trays,kidney trays,shoe support trays,coffee cup holder tray,wine bottle packing trays, plant seeding trays etc by replace molds, it is equipped with hot pressing machine.

6. The water is recycled, but because it was waste water from beginning, it became dirty when it recycled several times, it needs to be changed. For water lacked area, it can install sewage disposal system for saving water cost.

7. The main supporting parts of this production line are International brand,reliable quality; China famous brand industrial machine motors, Siemens brand motors can be customized, high-efficiency, saving-energy are our new patented paper pulp fiber molding machine's features.

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