Technical details

Waste Paper Recycling craft paper making machine

Raw material: waste paper old boxes or wood pulp boards

Output paper: kraft paper or gray paperboard

Output paper weight:30-150g/

Paper width: 1500mm

Cylinder mould width: 1950mm

Capacity:  6T/D (22 hours)

Rail gauge: 2400mm

Driving: AC frequency conversion, section drive

Egypt client craft paper production line's working video

Different width and production capacity craft paper and corrugated paper production lins are optional from us, our craft paper production machines already been exported to many countries includes Egypt,Russia,Ukraine,Kenya,Vietnam,Mexico etc, the machines quality and performance already won high reputation among our abroard clients, you can also use the craft paper machine to make corrugated paper for carton box cardboard production !

Working video of our gray paperboard production line recycling waste paper old boxes

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