Technical details

The machine is ideal equipment for single-faced corrugated cardboard cutting, the longitudinal, transverse and organize the collection of paper at one go, to achieve high-speed, high efficiency, high-energy, thus ensuring product quality, improve work efficiency.


1) Full-color screen display production site sends the material, can automatically change orders;

2) Lubrication is forced to spray when oil + oil bath;

3) Uniform when cutting error ≤ ± 1.0mm, uniform variable ≤ ± 1.5mm;

4) Transport unit has three separate cardboard transport segment, delivered to the inverter control board superimposed horizontal section.

5) Then lift the paper platform, computer-controlled stacking, stacking smooth, neat. Can automatically count. When stacking reaches a set number of automatic horizontal discharge paper; the paper stop the increase of new means to improve the uniformity of cardboard.


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