Technical details

Characters of our semi-auto locked bottom cardboard box folding gluing machine

Small covering area with small size, easy to operate, ideal choice for small batch cardboard box production.

With widely application, applicable to conventional carton boxes and non-conventional shape boxes forming gluing.

Apply to lock bottom boxes, lid tray boxes, glue saving, glue amount is a third of labor gluing, labor saving.

Max speed is 56 meters/minute, efficiency is 3-4 times of manual gluing.

Patened grinding motor can remove UV coating to improve adhesion of the glue, solving problem of box gluing failure in some seasons.

The working video of our cardboard box glue spreading machine:

2 pieces cardboard box forming glue spreading machine

Technical details of our lock bottom box folding gluing machine


PFK 1500

(one side glue)

PFK 1800

(two sides glue)

PFK 2300

(two sides glue)

Power380V 50HZ 2.7KW380V 50HZ 3.2KW380V 50HZ 4.0KW
Max glue box size
Min glue box size200*200mm200*200mm200*200mm


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