Technical details

2508P CNC corrugated cardboard carton box making machine is a kind of carton production equipment, which integrates slotting, cutting, cross-cutting, and vertical and horizontal crimping, and fully automatic knife adjustment. It is mainly used for small batch and multi-style corrugated box bulk orders and urgent orders. Equipment has emerged in the European and American markets in recent years. By using one set machine, you can produce different shapes corrugated packing carton boxes from blank cardboard, does not need several sets machines for carton box making compared with the traditional box production progress.


The auto carton box making machine adopts the control method of servo motor and PLC+HMI, with a high degree of automation, and one person can complete the whole carton box production, labor saving and high production efficiency for different shapes boxes making.

CE fully auto cardboard box making machine working video

Advantages of our auto cardboard carton box making machine

1.The equipment comes with more than 50 types of boxes, you only need to select the required box type on the HMI touch screen and enter the size to process the carton boxes

2.No matter the box type or size is changed, it can be completed within 20~50s

3.The single machine of the equipment integrates automatic paper feeding, slotting and threading, slitting and pressing, cross-cutting and trimming, and various functions such as portable holes can be used for carton production and cardboard slitting.

4. 2.5 meters max cardboard feed width, unlimited paper feed length, as small as mobile phone boxes, as large as freezer boxes, and oversized furniture boxes.

5. One operator, without changing molds, quick orders change, widely application scope, multiple functions


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