Technical details

PFK 2800-6C CNC automatic carton box making machine

Suitable for: 3/5/7 layers corrugated cardboard

Cardboard thickness: 3-10 mm continuously folded cardboard

Max weight of the cardboard: 1350 GSM

Max feeding cardboard sizes: 2800mm width* infinite length

Min feeding cardboard sizes: 200*700mm (W*L)

Order changing time: 3-6 seconds

Manufacturing boxes sizes: More than 20 types

Production capacity: 360-700 pieces/hour (depends on boxes shapes and sizes)

The processing time of a single carton is 8 to 18 seconds (depending on the length of the carton, the time may vary slightly),1 meter length carton: processing time is about 8 seconds,5 meters length carton: processing time is about 15 seconds

Standard slotting blade: 2 pieces 500mm length

Standard vertical cutting blade: 6 pieces

Standard creasing line blade: 6 pieces

Crossing cutting blade: 2 pieces

Air source pressure and air consumption: 0.6-0.7Mpas 50L/Minute

Weight: About 3500 kgs

Working power: 380V 50Hz 3Phase 5.5KW (220V or 440V need to be customized)


According to the size of the carton, automatically select the required cardboard and automatically adjust the position of the cutter.


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