Technical details

Dimensions: About 7.9*2.0*1.9 meters

Power (kw): 6.8, 380V 50Hz (other voltage can be customized)

Horizontal insertion width:120-900 mm

Longitudinal feeding length: 210-450mm

Grid height: 78-350mmcustomized

Cardboard thickness: 1.5-8mm

Design speed: 40-60 sets/minute

Cardboard slot width: no less than 3.5mm

Cardboard slot depth: half of the cardboard height, and top with little v shape

Air source pressure: common pressure 0.6-1.0Mpa



* Vertically and horizontally feed the paper at the same time for cross-cutting

* Suitable for automatic insertion of various carton partitions and blocks

* Double-station paper output, double work efficiency

* The comprehensive use of air control and electric control to ensure the advanced nature of equipment control

* The compressed air storage tank is used for centralized air supply, the air supply pressure is stable, and the air source is sufficient. Each gas-using equipment takes gas from the main trachea, independently controlled, and has no influence on each other

* Equipped with fault detection device, the machine will stop automatically when jammed

* PLC man-machine interface, easy to operate


Description of advantages:

* Replace the traditional manual operation mode, reduce labor costs

* Touch screen configuration, simple and intuitive operation

* All parts are made of high-quality raw materials, processed by precision equipment, and have a long service life

* Scientific and advanced mechanical structure, easy to adjust, short time, easy to use and easy to maintain

* The purchased parts are all selected domestic and foreign high-quality brand products, and the quality is guaranteed


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