Technical details

1.Designed capacity: 7000 pieces per hour per hour; Economic capacity: 6000-7000 pieces per hour (30 caves egg tray, 80 GSM); the capacity vary as buyer’s workers operation skills and finished egg trays GSM

2. Required factory workshop size for the line with multi-layer metal oven dryer: length≥50m, width≥15m; workshop for egg tray forming machine: length≥15m, width≥20m, height≥5.0m, the finished products storage warehouse must be more than 300m²; Waste paper: 450-480KGS/Hour; Water: 1300-1380KGS/Hour(recycled); Installation power: about 235KW.

3. Production line's electricity consumption power is about 70% of the installation power due to our energy saving design; Working electricity: 380V/50Hz/3Phase

4. Production line needed workers: 4-6 persons/shift, 2 shift per day (11 hours per shift, buyer should design the shift as their own needs)

5. This production line is configured by 30-eggs tray as standard, if it is used to produce egg carton, fruit tray, coffee cup holder carrier tray, apple tray etc, it needs auxiliary equipment, like hot press machine, sticker, or printing machine etc. Corresponding area, total power, worker quantity must be increased.

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