Technical details

High-end industrial packaging tray making machine is the cost-effective star in the packaging machinery industry. It is famous for its low investment and high output, ensuring you do more with less. Our 8585 model machine solves the needs of various industries such as 3c electronics, big consumption, big health, medical industry consumables, biotechnology, cosmetics, cup lip, daily chemicals and other related packaging products.

Flexible and adaptable, the A8585 can easily handle a wide range of products, especially those with demanding quality requirements. Whether you need to pack small items or large items, you can customize a machine to meet your specific needs.

With its advanced technology, you can easily control the temperature, pressure and molding speed to produce the best fiber pulp trays without wasting energy. The machine’s low energy consumption means reduced utility bills and carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Raw material: sugarcane bagasse fiber pulp,bamboo fiber pulp, wheat or rice straw fiber pulp, reed straw fiber pulp or some offcut of office paper

Application: used to produce Phone tray, tablet tray, earphone tray, watch tray, mouse tray, cup lid, or other 3 C product packing trays

Production capacity: 200-500KGS/22 hours

Working speed: 38-120 seconds/drop

Mould template sizes: 850*850mm

Output tray’s max height: 100mm

Control system: PLC touch screen

Forming pressure: 10 Tons

Hot press pressure: 40 Tons

Drying method: drying in mould (electric or thermal oil)

Pulp feeding: accurate quantitative pulp feeding

The production flow of our automatic tableware lunch box cup lid moulding making machine

lunch box making machine

Automatic Paper Pulp Fiber Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturer

Automatic Paper Pulp Molded Packaging Container Tray Making Machine


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