Technical details

Our corrugated cardboard production line is an automatically and continuously processed line which can not only produce three layers corrugated pressing board, but also five and seven layers. It can produce high quality cardboard and cutting as the requirement automatically. This producing line has high efficiency and good quality, centralized control system is equipped to result in easy operation, convenient maintenance and labor saving. The type of the line is include the rhombic and dentiform one(UV/ACBE), you can chose two type heating system: steam or electric heating


Model: 3 ply corrugated cardboard making plant                                     

Available width:1400-2800mm

Working speed: 30-60m/min,70-80m/min,100-120 m/min, 120-150 meter/min

Max height of equipment: about 3.8 meter

Length of equipment: about 50 meter

Power consumption: 200KW/hour

Heating type: steam

Steam consumption: 2-2.5t/h


Model: 5 ply corrugated cardboard production line                                        

Max producing width: 1600-2800mm

Working speed: 50-200m/min

Max height of equipment: about 4.5 meter

Length of equipment: about 90 meter

Power consumption: 350KW/hour

Heating type: steam

Steam consumption: 3-3.5t/h


Our cardboard production lines already been exported to many countries included Turkey, Argentina, Southeast Asia etc


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